Lodo Khola Small HEP

Lodo Khola Small Hydropower Project has an installed capacity of 1,600 kW. It is a run-of-river type project.

The major components of Lodo Khola Small Hydropower Project are- headworks structures, side intake, approach canal, desilting basin, headrace pipe, forbay, penstock pipe, powerhouse, tailrace canal, switchyard, single-circuit 33 kV transmission line.

All the components of the proposed Lodo Khola Small Hydropower Project will be confined within Dhodeni VDCs of Lamjung District, Gandaki Zone in the Western Development Region, as per new federalism the Dhodeni VDC lies in the Dordi Rural Municipality 06 of Province No. 04. The proposed headworks site is located at 1.8 km upstream of Lodo Khola and Dordi Khola confluence at an elevation of 1573 m of Dhodeni VDC of Lamjung district. Similarly, Powerhouse is located at 350m downstream of the confluence of Lodo Khola and Dordi Khola in the left bank of Dordi Khola at an elevation of 1230m of same VDC. All the proposed structure will be located at the left bank of Lodo Khola.

The power generated from Lodo Khola Small Hydropower Project will be primarily scheduled to feed to the grid of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) at proposed Kritipur Hub.

The output energy from the Project shall be sold to NEA based on a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). For small hydropower projects like the present one, the selling price of electricity is fixed by NEA.

The Project will generate NRs. 61.72 million revenues in the first year of its operation with a monthly average of NRs. 5.14 million.

BadiGad Khola HEP

The Badigad Khola Hydropower Project is a run of river type project with an installed capacity of 2 4.6MW. The power generated from this project will be added to the national grid built in Bastu Substation of Gulmi District. The Project shall also help to improve the voltage level, reduce the transmission losses of the national grid in some level.


The intake of the project is proposed at suitable location just below the confluence of Nisi Khola into Badidad Khola and Power House site is also proposed at suitable site of Right bank of the river, stable location just below the Khanikhola Gaun of Neta VDC of Gulmi District.


The Proposed Project is located just downstream from Badigad Hydropower Project (6MW) and Nisi Khola Hydropower Project (3MW) under construction project. The desk study shows that the plant can be operated with 140 meter gross head.


Taking overall efficiency of project as 80%, with design discharge 20 cum/sec (at Q40) and net head of 133 meters, the power output will be 24.6 MW. Hence the installed capacity of this plant 24.60MW and total annual generation is 114.95 GWh without outage. 

Upper Dordi-A HEP

The Upper Dordi ‘A’ Hydroelectric Project, located in Lamjung district of Gandaki Zone, is a run-of-river type project. The project has been designed to generate 25.0 MW power using water from Dordi Khola

The annual energy generation capacity of the project is 138.40 GWh (Dry energy – 22.85 GWh & Wet Energy – 115.55 GWh) . The power generated from this project will be connected to proposed Kritipur Besi Hub near power house of Project. The length of proposed transmission line is about 0.5 km.

The design discharge for the proposed project is taken as 9.8m3/s. The gross head and rated net head of the project are 299.31m and 325.56m.

The energy generated from this project will be sold to Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA). The price of energy as agreed in Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is at NRs. 4.80 for the dry months (Poush-Chaitra) and NRs. 8.40 for remaining months which are considered as wet months.

Total cost of the proposed Project is NRs. 3,490 million (excluding IDC). The financial cost of the project is NRs. 3,962 millions. Out of this financial  cost, 30% will be financed from promoter’s equity and remaining 70% will be financed from bank loan.

The average annual revenue from the sale of energy generated will be NRs. 746.568 million in the first year.

Payback periods for the proposed project have been found to be 5 years and 7 months.

The internal rate of return (IRR) of the project is found to be 17.20%. Similarly, the benefit cost ratio (B/C Ratio) of the project has been computed to be 1.54. Company has proposed to distribute dividend from second year of operation. These ratios show that the project is highly profitable and worth investing.

The project is currently in the final stage of construction.

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